LY2VM Logger

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New Ham Radio Logger Software - LY2VM Logger

LY2VM Logger is ultimative software for radioamateurs and SWL.User friendly, easy configurable interface allows to start using software in few minutes.

Software features : 

  • Can be started from USB flash or external drive.
  • Doesn't need instalation.
  • Presetted windows and macros for first software start.
  • Unlimited number of log databases can be used - on start software will ask which one to select.
  • Different profiles for different users, modes and etc.
  • Manual or auto backups of all databases - one backup to folder where software exists, another to user defined location.
  • Import to logger from ADIF file or other database.
  • Export log to ADIF file.
  • Stand alone software for logger repairing.
  • Internet status indication - if internet is OFF all internet services (dx cluster, call search) and etc. are automatically dissabled. Internet OFF mode can be switched manually.
  • QRZ.COM(paid and free), QRZ.RU, HAMQTH.COM and CALLOOK.INFO search engines for fast call lookup.
  • QSO uploading to EQSL, LOTW,,, QRZ.COM and
  • QSO confirmations download  from EQSL and LOTW. EQSL card can be downloaded from EQSL server.
  • Super check partial databases for calls - master.dta file type supported.
  • CW-Voice Machine with 24 hot keys.
  • Radio and rotator controls (for radio control OmniRig is used).
  • Time synchronization using SNTP.
  • Radio audio recording for voice macros - playback.
  • Interoperation with external softwares - CW Type, CW Get, CW Decoder, CW Skimmer, WSJT, JTDX, MSHV, DM780 and FLDIGI.
  • Internal Awards module is not finished yet - external award softwares like Award Tracker and Ultimate AAC are supported. Module will be realised, when software will start officialy.
  • 17 modern looking skins.




Different setups for different uses



For more information about units used by LY2VM Logger please visit "Screenshots" section.

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