Main Logger Form

Easy configuration for different layout

Log Grid Screenshot

This is short image of Log Grids unit.It shows previous QSO window (lower part) and existing QSO. You can see different color schemes for QSL received scenario.E,L and EL near call indicates EQSL and LOTW users.

QSO Entry Screenshot

QSO Entry unit with docked Pictures, Delayed QSO and Statictic modules.These modules can be undocked and used separately.Rotator control is visible - can be hidden.

DX Cluster Screenshot

Different colors scenario for QSL received, DXCC, Band and Mode.Green field -  all possible QSL received - EQSL,LOTW and Paper.Yellow field - one of possible QSL not received.Red field - nothing received.For  DXCC, Band and Mode green field - worked, red field - not worked.

Telnet Screenshot

BandMap Screenshot

Same colors scenario like for DX Cluster.Different colors for worked call and last minute spots

Call Lookup Screenshot

QRZ.COM(paid and free), QRZ.RU, HAMQTH.COM and CALLOOK.INFO search engines for fast call lookup

QSO Edit Screenshot

SWL calls are supported

QSO Download Screenshot

EQSL and LOTW services are supported 

Statistic Screenshot

Green field -  all possible QSL received - EQSL,LOTW and Paper.Yellow field - one of possible QSL not received

CW - VOICE Machine Screenshot

24 hot keys for CW-VOICE Machine functions

Search Screenshot

Search with highlighted result by log string - date in all logs

Repair Screenshot

External software for log repairing.Log backups are used for repairing

Radio Screenshot

Radio with rotator control and clock modules docked.Rotator module and clock can be used separately

Rotator Screenshot

8 presets for antenna beaming

More information will be available soon !!!

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